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Your tokens can be redeemed for chances to win amazing prizes like cash, electronics, gift cards and more. Different prize opportunities have different token values — you can even try to get more tokens! All the prizes featured at the Redemption Center are guaranteed to be given away in daily drawings.

All you need to do is find something you want …then click it to enter! It really is that simple! So what are you waiting for? In a piggy bank? In a special safe? Tell us in the comments below! Tokens win tokens use ten million on chance to win one prize and still no prize 58 million tokens and win nothing but tokens really bored with pch. All Rights Reserved. Good luck! Tina P. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Joyce Brrown says:. June 7, at pm. Diana molina says:. If the token is valid, the result of this POST will be a win or non-winning.


Congratulations, you’ve won a free $1,000 gift card – just click here to redeem it!

Click to Redeem. Ralphs Using Big Lots Coupons is easy and they are readily accepted at most. Redeem token and play the instant win game. For security purposes, we require you to simply log in with your email and password to confirm this is the account we should link to Facebook. The best things in life are free, but the next-best items are the ones you pick up using these excellent offers.

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Log In. Champs in store coupons. If you like shopping online better, PCH has a list of coupon codes you can redeem on the Internet. Linking accounts means we will allow your Facebook account to access your existing Local Flavor account. Welcome to Daily Grocery Coupon I ordered a game from the site and received a coupon in the package.

I didn't win jack, it grabbed the money bag and just as it was about to hit the top to show my reward it dropped and said "Woo Whoo you won 50 tokens. That happened twice, yesterday and the day before yesterday but today it went back to grabbing tokens. Once again they just scream scam, even when you do what you need to win you still don't win Not too long ago there was a lotto that hit a billion dollars and what age do you think the person was who won it?

Don't believe me? It's such a painful feeling when you put so much time, effort, money and hope into something only for it to be dashed then you get that why bother feeling and want to give up, but at least with lottery tickets and things like that there's no shady BS going on, you either win or you don't but with PCH you never win, no one does except for PCH. They make millions and billions of dollars off of all that spam they cram down our throats, they take advantage of people who desperately need money people who spend hours of their time a day trying to win.

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PCH's website even looks like a spam site. I honestly have no idea how or why this "company" is even allowed to continue. They need to be shut down, preying on people who desperately need money for their survival, preying on hopes and dreams is the lowest form of scammer. I and anyone else who have been preyed upon for years by the living definition of a scam that is PCH need to start a petition to get PCH shut down, people managed to get their "having to buy our junk to enter" tactic they used to do shut down, there's endless evidence of PCH's scamming out there, Hopefully everyone will start coming to their senses like I did to get this monster shut down.

I have been entering Publishers Clearing House for many years. I have been cheated time and time again, out of tokens. But then when it puts the number of tokens on the token board, it only shows points. Then as you play more games during that time, you lose more tokens due to the fact you can't get the games to play. This all comes up empty, showing you have played the games and you have not even seen some of the games.

Also when it shows that the entry has been confirmed it only shows token points. That is one of the biggest, sorriest excuse for points. Also every time I redeem my tokens, I don't see a thing from it. Beginning to think that they are very much a scammer. You enter and enter all the time, but what do you get.

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They have sent me names of people that was suppose to have won in my state, but I have not found a single one of them. After 26 years of entering PCH contests and ordering things, I received a phone call asking me my opinion. After that call, all entries stopped; without any notification. When I asked about this, this is the response I received: "Under an agreement between Publishers Clearing House and your State Attorney General, PCH is required to interview customers whose purchase activity with our company meets a certain criteria.

Your account was identified as having met the criteria outlined in the agreement. You may recall completing a telephone or written survey where we asked you a number of questions about entering our sweepstakes and buying products. Our agreement with your State required that your name be removed from our mailing list based upon the information provided in the survey. As a result we are required to reject any current or future PCH orders under your name. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank you for your past patronage with our company.

This is a big rip off. My mother has played their sweepstakes for almost years and I grew up watching her return notice after notice multiple times every week. She's getting older and has felt so horrible about wasting her time and "all those stamps" that I started playing the games under her name hoping to win her even a gift card.

I spent all of my free-time making daily visits to play everything available while also not winning any of their 'instant wins'. I finally thought I'd saved up enough and for a month I've used my nearly million tokens on their rewards. I've put in thousands of entries on single items on a weekly basis.

I haven't sat down and calculated the odds of this but I'm rather positive that it's close to nearly impossible and I'm done with them. In reality those games are mainly there to generate ad revenue and seeing as how there is at least one ad popping up every single time you do anything - that's a LOT of money and to get people to buy their overpriced catalog items which she has also done. They feed off the desperation of people like my mom who see winning as their only means to financial stability. Rather than doing something rational and making up a dozen smaller but equally meaningful prizes they dump the winnings on one major winner, in what is a brilliant move to make people more competitive.

Save yourself the headache and don't even get started. Played one of the games that was a tournament. So I will never play another game as you can't be getting good scores, if you do you are automatically cheating!!! I never have won anything and obviously never will. Going to block PCH, don't send me your trashy e-mails either! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I entered the sweepstakes because it says "No Purchase Necessary" in the Official Rules, however, I got to the end of the survey and it forced me to choose a product to purchase!

I ended the survey at that point and tried to cancel, but I was inundated with phone calls by telemarketers and others trying to sell me products.

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This happened within minutes after entering my info in the survey. I also received emails from PCH saying I need to finish my entry even after canceling it! This is a total scam! I signed up for Apple Music but never received the card. Call PCH and they stated that it was an outside group. I believe they should be responsible for who they allow to use their site. I reviewed several items, I clicked one item I was considering but backed out of it before giving my method of payment.

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PCH sent it to me anyway, charging it to my credit card. The item is almost twice what I would have paid at the grocery store. I tried contacting PCH without success. I finally sent the voucher back with a note, but they haven't responded. Most of their merchandise is low quality junk anyway. Why don't they spread the wealth anyway, instead of giving it all to one person?

I later bought a paperback book "Wagging Tails in Heaven" because I recently lost my dog. They're ripping you off, America. It's time to wake up! I'm so unsatisfied with PCH products due to arriving cheaply made. The mosquito light bulb lasted two weeks, my outdoor ornament lights half never worked then I've had missing items, I'm unsatisfied and not going to pay for cheap merchandise. I make 10 dollars an hour.

Work hard and will not pay for these products. Makes me mad because I never took the time earlier to write review. But I'm mad.

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  7. I've been entering Publishers Clearing House since and I haven't won nothing. I'm thinking about not playing the games and entering every day because all I see is people that do win lives in nice houses and already have money. Publishers Clearing House doesn't pick people that lives on monthly disability check and lives in house trailers. I'm wondering if it's all staged.

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    Well that's all I have to say. Five times I've proceeded to act according to their instructions stating to finalize my entry. Each day thereafter they are sending me numerous emails saying my entry is incomplete. I understand purchasing an item is not necessary. It makes me feel these sweepstakes may not be legit. How many times must one finalize a sweepstake with PCH? The same instances have happened in the past over the years. Also, I've gained many coins playing their games but was unable to redeem. Is there a party regulating PCH?

    Thank you. PCH never used to be like this. Years ago I could enter without buying something. Now they SAY you can still win but you can't enter the contest without making a purchase. So I made a purchase thinking, okay I'm entered.

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