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Coupons are still relevant Finally, we found that shoppers are still looking for and using coupons.

Eighty-eight percent of our surveyed shoppers used at least one coupon in the last three months, and those coupons influenced their shopping decisions. Director, CPG Solutions, and has been a member of the Inmar team for more than 23 years, holding a number of positions involving promotion consulting, operations and marketing as well as product management and development.

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U.S. Coupon Market Trends - Statistics & Facts

Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Digital Coupon Market Executive Overview 1. Digital Coupon Market Coupons are a huge staple of life In contrast, traditional distribution in the United States, and, of printed coupons in freestanding increasingly, around the world1, inserts decreased 6.

What is a coupon? History of Digital Coupons Paralleling the rise of eCommerce and digital media on the web, as well as the decline in newspapers9 around the United States, the digital coupon industry was an early target of Internet entrepreneurs. Digital coupons were part of the early growth of the Internet.

Three Key Coupon Trends to Watch in 2018

There were no fraud prevention controls in place and couponers could print as many coupons for a single product that they wanted — irritating retailers and manufacturers alike. Many retailers refused to accept printable coupons. The situation created a demand for more secure coupons. History of Digital Coupons An early entrant into the space was coupons.

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In , coupons. Interestingly, the first modern coupon is generally attributed10 to Coca Cola in , years prior to the launch of Coupons. As discussed in the next section, many coupon technology and aggregation sites expanded with the growing market. From mobile to advanced fraud prevention to never before available analytics and the ability to target even regulated verticals like alcohol, tobacco and pharma, more and more new companies took up the challenge.

Others players in the field concentrate on aggregation and distribution, such as RedPlum. In addition to the core providers of platforms and services for businesses, are literally hundreds of websites devoted to marketing coupons to consumers.

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Number of Adult Online Coupon UserseMarketer reports a steady increase in the number of online coupon users,projected to reach over 96 million by The Los Angeles Times reports13 that preprinted advertising and coupon inserts are one of the few major revenue sources for the newspaper industry, which has experienced 20 consecutive quarters of Illustration: Newspaper coupon advertising revenue declines. A recent survey of newspaper executives by Journalism. Online newspapers have implemented both online coupons as well as daily deals. In , the redemption rate and subsequently, how much they can grown from charge coupon issuers was 1.

By , the number had dropped to 0. Newspaper executives believe mobile phones, particularly, could, in the long run, be more important to mobile revenue than tablets. This may be a sign of anxiety over the increase overhead costs and growth potential related to tablet apps. MobileWhile digital coupons may have started on PCs, like so many other activities,users are moving to mobile.

Over billion couponsare distributed in the US International Market By September , over 9. International MarketeMarketer reports38 a corresponding rise in the number of adult mobile couponusers, rising from Feature ComparisonAt the time of this writing, the companies discussed are all privately held. Theavailability of information on product features, services, terms and pricing variesfrom company to company. The table that follows looks at 4 companies.

Some companies focus on different markets and services, so the availability of aparticular service or feature may or may not be relevant in comparing it to othercompanies. The table lists features that have been discussed on companywebsites, press releases and other sources.

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Some features may be substantially the same, but are described with differentterminology between companies. If an answer was not found, it is left blank anddoes not imply a yes or a no. Fraud Prevention As with the above table comparing general features, the table that follows lists various fraud prevention features that the example companies list or describe on their websites, press releases or are described elsewhere.

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The availability of information varies from company to company. Some features may be substantially the same, but are described with different terminology between companies. If an answer was not found, it is left blank and does not imply a yes or a no. Not surprising given the billion coupons issued annually in the USA alone

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