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Broadband deals explained Broadband guides Compare broadband Broadband awards About this site Broadband deals news. Broadband deals explained What is the best broadband deal?

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Best broadband deals on uSwitch. How to find the best broadband deal To find the best broadband deal for your home, you should consider the following factors: Broadband speeds: For most of us, speed is the most important factor when choosing a broadband package, and faster is usually better. Many providers offer heavy discounts during the length of your contract, but do keep an eye out for when your contract ends. There are also a number of other points to consider before just looking at the monthly price as there may be hidden savings — and costs — in other areas.

Contract length: Broadband deals tend to be offered as or month contracts, although some providers do offer flexible rolling plans. A low monthly price may be offset by an expensive upfront payment. Freebies and rewards: To make a broadband deal more attractive, many providers will add on some kind of reward — like cashback, bill credits or a tech gift. Depending on the value of these and the value to you , these can bring down the effective monthly cost. You can typically find broadband packages from providers that bundle together several services, like TV packages, call plans or even mobile contracts.

What broadband speed do I need? Infrequent streamers and smaller houses can likely get away with a broadband deal offering speeds of 38Mbps or 50Mbps. Faster fibre broadband deals, offering speeds around 63Mbps, are usually only a few pounds more per month and are worth it for larger houses or people who love to stream TV series and films.

People who regularly work from home may also be interested in these faster connections to make conference calls and file-sharing even easier. Will I get the advertised broadband speed? There are a number of other factors that can affect your broadband speed: The type of connection you have.

In general, fibre broadband — whether fibre to the home or fibre to the cabinet — offers faster, more reliable speeds than ADSL broadband, which relies only on copper wires. The time of day. Similar to a highway during rush hour, the number of people online can affect your broadband speed. During peak time when more people are online, your broadband speed may slow down. Again, this is an issue that mainly affects people on ADSL broadband deals. How far you live from the exchange or cabinet. Depending on how far you are from the exchange, your broadband speed may be slower, particularly for fibre to the cabinet connections.

With fibre to the cabinet broadband deals, the cabinets are connected to the telephone exchange by fibre-optic cables, which can transmit data faster than copper wires, but the final leg is made up of copper wires to your home. The further you live from the cabinet or exchange, the more of your wiring relies on copper wires, which means your connection will be slower. Where you put your router. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor, it could just be as simple as moving your router. Many of us like to hide our routers in cabinets, but this interferes with the signal and will slow your broadband connection down.

Keep your router out in the open, ideally away from other electrical devices.

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What broadband deals are available in my area? Can I get a fibre broadband deal? The benefits of fibre broadband: Faster speeds. Depending upon the type of fibre broadband deal you sign up for, you can expect speeds ranging from roughly 36Mbps to Mbps.

Due to the infrastructure behind it, fibre broadband offers a more reliable connection than ADSL. Should I get a broadband and phone deal? Should I get a broadband and TV deal? Can I switch at any time? Are there any restrictions? Will I lose my broadband service at any stage?

Broadband guides Broadband availability checker — guide to broadband in your area Want to know what broadband is available in your area? Read more. How to get broadband without a phone line Looking for broadband without line rental? No problem. What broadband speed can I get? All you need to know about broadband speeds and speed tests. Practical download speed calculator Calculating download times can be confusing if you don't know your bits from your bytes.

Internet connection problems Having internet connection problems? Fibre-optic broadband: what is fibre broadband? Compare broadband and phone deals Read more. Compare broadband and TV deals Read more. Broadband only Don't need a landline? Check out these broadband-only deals. Compare broadband-only deals Read more. Cheap broadband Looking to save?

Check out our cheapest broadband offers. Compare cheap broadband deals Read more. Fibre optic broadband Check out the UK's fastest fibre-optic broadband packages. Compare fibre-optic broadband deals Read more. Student broadband and TV Whether you're after high speeds, low prices or short contracts, we've rounded up our best TV and broadband deals for students.

Compare student broadband deals Read more. See more compare options. Broadband awards uSwitch Broadband Awards For the past 11 years, uSwitch has polled customers and expert judges to determine the best in broadband. See all winners. Need more help? We also have longer, more dedicated guides to help you out. How can I change my online calendar colours? How to set your custom departure grid What is cross-updating? Can I link my calendar to another SuperControl client who lists my property? How do I archive any unused booking options? How can I print my prices?

How do I add an admin booking? Is there a preferred method of adding an admin booking?

How can I change settings on my admin grid view? How do I edit a booking? How can I manually update a price on a booking? How do I move a booking to a different date or property? How do you allocate a booking source onto a booking? How do I send an email within a booking?


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How do I send a guest the online payment link for their booking? How can I take a payment in a booking? How do I add notes to a booking? How can I add customer notes to a booking? How do I add a reminder to a booking? How do I add a customer rating to a booking? How do I add a voucher code to a booking? How do I view my owner payments for a booking?

How do I charge a cancellation fee? How do I reinstate a cancelled booking? How do I add rental notes to the booking process? How do I access the payment reminders page? How can I block dates or close a property? How can a third party agent log in to view their bookings? How can I allocate a third party agent to an existing booking?

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How do I edit a third party agent? How do I edit an enquiry? How do I generate and send a quote by email? How do I set-up how my property photos display on a quote? Can I have an enquiry form on my website? Can I create my own questions to ask on an enquiry form? Can I set enquiry quotes to expire after a certain time period? How do I set myself a follow-up reminder? How to search your enquiries How do I convert my enquiry into a booking? How do I add my enquiry sources? Can I set-up attachments to be sent with my emails? How do I add tags to auto populate information in my letter?

What is a booking summary autoresponse? Can I edit the booking summary autoresponse? How can I schedule emails to be sent automatically e. Can I limit automatic emails for certain properties? Can I add automatic emails to pre-existing bookings? How do I hyperlink text in an email? How do I merge duplicate guest records? What is the address book? How do I add contacts to my address book? How do I remove a subscription option? Can I edit existing subscription offers? Why are some of my subscription offers locked? How can I filter my database by subscription option? Where do the subscription options display?

How can I manually set a guest to be subscribed?

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How do I set up a special offer? How do I add a voucher code? How do I copy prices? How do I add per person pricing? How do I set up and use price seasons?

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difference between deals and offers Difference between deals and offers
difference between deals and offers Difference between deals and offers
difference between deals and offers Difference between deals and offers
difference between deals and offers Difference between deals and offers
difference between deals and offers Difference between deals and offers

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