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What are mobile broadband dongles?

Unlike a dongle, which can only be used by the device it's plugged into via USB pretty much only a laptop , a MiFi device acts like a broadband router.

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It creates a 'personal wifi hotspot' that allows any device that can connect to wifi to connect to it, provided they have the password. Your phone, your friends' phone, your tablet, your camera — whatever devices you want to get online. Lots of them at the same time, should you so wish. Many mobile SIM deals these days allow something called 'tethering'.

This is where you create a personal wifi hotspot using your phone, allowing you or anyone else with the password to use its connection to the internet as if it were a router. Not all providers and plans allow tethering, and some have strict tethering data allowances, so it's a good idea to check what you can and can't do on your current plan.

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If you are the sort of person — in business, a student perhaps — who travels everywhere with your laptop, answering emails and racking up the spreadsheet hours, mobile broadband in the form of either a 4G dongle or a MiFi device may be for you. It can also be one of the only available solutions if you're somewhere where there's no other means of getting online. However, with so many mobile tethering plans out there, dongles and MiFi devices are in declining demand. Don't get us wrong, they serve a purpose; they're designed to do one thing only, and they do it better than your phone ever will.

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But you need to be someone who needs mobile broadband or a mobile hotspot a lot to justify it. A couple of times a month and it's going to be more cost-effective to tether. There aren't all that many companies who still offer them. Most of those who do are the companies that run the UK's four mobile networks Three, O2, Vodafone and EE , with the addition of Virgin Media and BT, which offer mobile broadband on their main broadband sites.

In essence, what is usually referred to as a 'dongle', a 'USB dongle', or a 'mobile broadband dongle' plugs into the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer, providing internet connectivity to that device and that device only.

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Get a dongle if you want your laptop to have access to the internet wherever you go, but you don't need to provide access either to anyone else, or to any other device. A 4G MiFi device also plugs into the USB port on your laptop of computer, but acts like a router you can use while you're out and about, allowing anything or anyone to connect to it and use the internet provided they have the password. You need mobile broadband in your life and tethering to your phone just isn't an option — maybe it'll eat up too much of your phone's monthly data allowance.

Maybe it's just too fiddly. Maybe you don't want your colleagues or friends using your phone as a hotspot. So how do you go about choosing the right deal? Tethering would be the first, best alternative. This is where you use your mobile phone as a wifi hotspot, provided your mobile provider allows it under your plan. The other alternative is to use public wifi hotspots.

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Many public places, buses, trains, stations, libraries, coffee shops, airports, hotels and commercial centres offer free public wifi. You never know, you may luck out and almost never be out of range of one of them. Show costs as: Monthly Full contract.

Narrow results: Filter. Filter your results. EE MBB 7. Three 2.

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Unlimited 2. Limited 7. Contract length. Monthly cost. Show deals Buy now or call More info. Still in a broadband contract? Show 10 more deals. Compare up to 3 deals. Broadband deals explained Related pages Broadband deals news. What is mobile broadband? How does mobile broadband work? Who is mobile broadband for? Mobile broadband could make a massive difference to anyone who travels or uses their laptop in more than one place: Businesses : Instead of using a tiny phone screen, you can use mobile broadband with your laptop to prepare for presentations on the train or access your VPN while on business trips.

Students : Use the internet when you're travelling home for the holidays, on the train, coach or even just in the park with your friends. Travellers : If you spend a lot of time on the go, then mobile broadband is a must-have. With mobile broadband you can take your laptop anywhere in the UK or abroad and get access to high-speed internet.

If that sounds like you, then mobile broadband is exactly what you've been looking for. Business mobile broadband packages Mobile broadband ISPs have realised that there's a huge number of business people out there who are keen to make the most of mobile broadband technologies and save time in their day.

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  • Our Best mobile broadband deals There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing your mobile broadband package, and what may be considered the best mobile broadband for one person may not be for another. Mobile broadband download speed : Although 4G is fairly standard for most mobile broadband packages, not all providers offer the same speed.

    Mobile broadband download allowance : Choosing a mobile broadband package with the right download allowance for your requirements is really important. You'll find that the charges for going over your download allowance can really bump up your bill. Mobile broadband contract length : Different providers have different options, ranging from pay-as-you-go and SIM-only deals to month contracts.

    Mobile broadband USB modem : Choosing a mobile broadband modem will largely come down to the package you opt for. Some providers offer small dongles while others give you a MiFi unit instead. Mobile broadband coverage : Much like the quality of calls, the standard and speed of that connection will be determined by your location and your provider's coverage. If you live in an area that you have found to have bad mobile phone coverage, it could be worth sticking with a provider you know has strong coverage in your area. Pay Monthly data SIMs. Order a free data SIM.

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    How does mobile broadband work? Can I get mobile broadband for my home? What do I need to get mobile broadband? Can mobile broadband be used as Wi-Fi? How long will it take for my mobile broadband products to be delivered? It should take about 1 - 3 working days for your order to arrive.

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