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Display 5. Storage 32 GB Battery mAh Reply Report. It is still a great phone. I just purchased one to my brother to replace his old iPhone 5. I agree. It's still a really great phone even for the 2-year-old hardware. Snapdragon is still holding super well. I owned both. Here's what the G2 has going for it: Bigger Screen Bigger Battery Technically better Camera However, The build quality is far worse than the Nexus 5, I mean wayyyyy worse it creaks all over the place not to mention it's uglier The Screen bezels can be too small actually and will screw with videos depending on how you hold the phone The speaker is horrible The camera actually is not good at all and pretty much equal to the N5 after recent updates Battery life isn't really all that much better IRL Overall, don't get it and stick with the N5.

I own both also and I am inclined to say the g2 is better in every way stated in above post Imo! Although I do not own the N5 Verizon, so sad , I've seen it, and it seems to be top quality. I DO own the G2, and I think the build quality of it is top-notch. So, not sure why it's such a issue for people.

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Nice phone, but they figured out their mistakes with it and put removable battery AND memory in the G3. Never should have left that stance in the first place Not a good deal. You could probably get the G3 for a little more money. Far better specs and more current than the G2. Firstly no you couldn't Secondly how are they far better specs?

I have owned both LG G3 and G2. I switched to G3 to get lollipop update sooner but if you have medium to smaller hands G2 fits perfect and battery also lasts longer on G2. Now I see why it was for sale and why people hate TW It's a great phone at great value. Just sitting in my drawer for years. Great condition. Normal wear and tear.

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Retail box included. Works with T-Mobile. Free case included. Slim and stylish with its black color, the highly efficient LG G2, available with the services of Verizon, has also many technical characteristics to impress you with, along with its elegant appearance.

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This is a boost mobile phone. This phone is being sold as is for parts only. The ESN is unknown, the bottom part of the screen doesn't respond to touch. The sim tray is missing. Over all the phone is in very good conditions. Please buy accordingly.

Sold as is no returns. Screen is scratch free.

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All include a battery and battery cover if applicable. This is being sold AS IS. Body: Minor Wear. Be sure to look through the photos so you can see the condition of this device. No cables or sim card included. Cellular service locked to Unknown Carrier. Clean ESN. The item in the picture is the exact item you will receive. All products tested before they are sold as in working condition unless noted. Unable to verify Google lock status. Device is being sold AS IS! There may be a few minor scuffs and scratches on the side or back of the device. Devices will show signs of use including scratches, dents, and scuffs.

We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell? What are the physical specifications of the G2's body? Screen size and resolution : This LG device comes with a bright and clear LCD touch screen, and it has a screen size of 5. This large display has a resolution of xp and just fewer than p per inch. Phone dimensions : This phone has a height of 5.

Camera : The LG G2 takes quality pictures inside and outside with its 13MP rear camera, and it comes with autofocus and the option to use a flash if needed. There is also a 2.

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Buttons: The volume and power buttons on this phone are both located vertically on the back of the phone beneath the camera, allowing you to conveniently operate the phone using your index finger. What are the hardware specifications of the LG G2? Storage and memory options : This LG phone comes with either 16GB or 32GB of storage, providing you with plenty of space for various applications and files. It also comes with 2GB of memory, allowing you to run multiple applications simultaneously without noticing a slowdown in speed. This device also includes a 3,milliamp-hour battery, providing long-lasting battery life.

What are some unique features of the G2? Slide aside : LG added a slide aside feature to this Android device that allows you to place three applications of your choosing onto a side bar for easy use, which can be accessed by sliding three fingers across the screen. Easy wake-up mode : There is no physical home button located on the bottom of the front of the Android phone, and the power button is located on the rear of the phone.

However, if the phone is placed on a surface, you can wake up the display without picking up the phone by double-tapping the screen. It can then be turned off again by tapping the screen once. Answer me : When the phone rings for an incoming call, the ringing volume decreases on its own once the phone is picked up, and it allows you to answer calls without pressing any buttons.

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lg g2 unlocked phone deals Lg g2 unlocked phone deals
lg g2 unlocked phone deals Lg g2 unlocked phone deals
lg g2 unlocked phone deals Lg g2 unlocked phone deals
lg g2 unlocked phone deals Lg g2 unlocked phone deals
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